When Do Babies Roll Over

Feb 25

You may be wondering when your little bundle of joy will start to roll over? What are the signs you baby is close to rolling over? These are good questions every parent asks at one point or another.

When will my baby roll over?

When your baby rolls over for the first time it is very exciting. This is a big milestone for your little one. Your baby will probably be just as surprised and excited as you are. On average babies start rolling over by four months of age. This is when they have enough strength in their arms and legs to push themselves over. It will usually happen when they are having tummy time or when they are throwing a fit during a diaper change. By five months of age your baby will probably be rolling over from both sides with ease. By six months of age your baby will most likely have mastered their new amazing trick.

Signs your baby is ready to roll over

When your baby is getting close to rolling over you will see signs. One of those signs is when your baby rolls to one shoulder. Also when your baby is lying on the floor and starts using their arms to push their head and arms off of the floor. They may also be reaching for toys during tummy time. These things may not seem like much but they are huge. These are actually little exercises your baby is doing to strengthen those muscles needed to roll over. Once you baby starts doing these things they are getting very close to rolling over.


If your baby is showing signs of rolling over it is time to start using caution. Make sure your baby is not laying somewhere they can roll off of. If you lay your baby in a bed remember to use pillows as barriers. Never leave baby unattended.

Remember all babies are different. The average age of rolling over is four months but some babies may take longer while others will start sooner.