How to Heat Baby Food

Mar 28
How to Heat Baby Food

While introducing your baby to solid foods is a very exciting time for parents, it is always important to keep safety as a priority. Badly prepared baby foods can cause all kinds of problems for your little one, from burning their mouth to food poisoning, so finding out all the essential information about how to heat baby foods is essential to avoid causing your baby undue suffering.

Ensure Food Is Thoroughly Heated

When reheating a baby meal, you should always ensure that you heat the food right through so that it is not still cold in the center. If you serve your baby food that has not been properly heated throughout there is a danger that bacteria in the food may not have been destroyed and your little one may develop sickness and diarrhea as a result of food poisoning.

Ensure Food Is Not Too Hot

While you need to take care to heat food right through until you see steam is coming out, you need to make sure that you don't serve the food to your baby straight away. If you try to feed your little one food that is too hot you risk scalding the inside of their mouth and causing them a lot of pain. The best way to check that food is at the right temperature is to wait for a while after reheating to allow some of the heat to dissipate. Then you should take a small piece of food from the center of the meal and dab it onto the inside of your wrist. If the temperature of the food seems comfortable and does not burn you, it is safe to feed to your little one.

Defrost Thoroughly

If you are giving your baby food that has been previously frozen you should always defrost the meal thoroughly before cooking it through. That way you can be sure that all the bacteria inside will have been destroyed during the cooking process and that the meal will be properly cooked right to the middle. If you are feeding your baby a commercially produced frozen baby meal, always read the packaging to check the instructions about whether the food needs to be defrosted before cooking or not. If the food you are giving to your baby is frozen but does not require reheating, such as a fruit puree, always ensure that it has no frozen bits left in it before giving it to your little one.

Be Careful With A Microwave

Many parents choose to use a microwave to heat their baby's food however if you do so, make sure to stir the food around carefully to guarantee that there are no hot spots in it that can burn baby's mouth.

Never Reheat Foods

If your baby turns his nose up at his meal, throw it away, don't keep it and reheat it later in the day as it may contain bacteria that will cause food poisoning. Simply prepare a different meal.

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